• Target Area Multiplier Resources


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  • Small Group Content

    Click the images below to access leader and particpant resources for each series.

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    This 9 week series will help your group to consider God's true character as well as identify wrong assumptions we might carry about God. It works well no matter where participants are in their spiritual journey.

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    This 9 week series will help your group to get to know Jesus through the Gospel of Luke. It's a great series to start out the year with as it is accesible to non-Christians and new-Christians, while also being encouraging for those who have a strong faith background.

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    This 9 week series journeys through a selection of psalms to give a small taste of all the book has to offer. Throughout the series your group will be encouraged to discuss different types of psalm and also have opportunites to use the Psalms as a guide for prayer.

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    This 6 week series will help your group to expand their vision of who God is as well as what Jesus has accomplished for us. It also provides encouragment for Christian community.

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    Cru.org has tons of small group Bible Study content and ideas. Check it out and choose one for your group!

  • Discipleship Resources

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    This 6 part conversation about the Holy Spirt makes for great discipelship discussions. As the leader, take a look at the content in preparation for your meeting and decide what you will conver and what you may skip over for tiime's sake.

    This article provides scripture verses to help remind us of our postion in Christ. Read through them together and talk about what sticks out to you and the person you are meeting with.

    This excerpt from John Piper's book of the same title provides great vision and a launchpad for conversations about evangelism and world missions.

    This article from Tim Keller helps us to see a few important aspects of the truth of the Gospel.

    This article from Kieth Johnson uses the metaphor of dancing to help us consider what is the motivation for our Christian lives.

    In her book Prayer in the Night, Tish Harrision Warren discusses the freedom and value of praying prayers that have been written by others throughout church history. This conversation gives us the chance to explore and discuss that idea.

    An introuduction to studying the Bible.

    An introuduction and some tips for Quiet Times.