• Small Groups are the best way to get connected to Cru at Ohio State and Columbus State.

    Our small groups are intended to be a place to experience Christ-centered relationships and learn about God together. If our weekly meeting is the bread of Cru's presence on campus, then Small Groups are the butter. They are a community within a community, often taking place in your Residence Hall, your area of study, or down the street from your off-campus house.

    Why small group?

    Our relationship with God is not meant to be lived out in solitude, and our questions about him are not always answered best on our own. Small groups create space for friendship, for thoughtful conversation, and for growth in our understanding of who God is and what it means to live life with him.

    Small groups will be meeting on Zoom or in person while adhering university and state guidelines for fall 2020.

    Even though it may be different from normal, our residence hall and off campus small groups will still meet weekly. For information about your particular small group, please consult the table below and email the leader.

    Take a second and hear what students have to say about small group.

    Click the video to the left to hear fellow students share about their own experiences with Cru small groups.

  • Find a Small Group

    Select your part of campus below to find a small group for your residence hall or off campus area then send us an e-mail. We can't wait to meet you!

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