• Special Events

  • Freshmen Leadership Team

    A bi-weekly chance for Freshmen to connect with one another, learn about God, and get more involved with Cru.

    At Freshmen Leadership Team (FLT(, we hangout, have a ton of fun, play games, live life together, learn what it means to be a leader in Cru, but most importantly, we get to know Jesus as we plunge into the Gospel together. If you are a freshmen, we hope to see you there.


    "FLT exists to give freshmen the opportunity to meet other freshmen involved with Cru, to have fun and grow in their faith together, and to take more ownership of the movement of Cru at Ohio State and Columbus State."


    Stay tuned for more information about FLT as the 2020 fall semester gets underway.

  • Spring Retreat

    We always know that the end of the year is in sight when we head to Round Lake Christian Camp for our annual Spring Retreat. Together we spend a weekend reflecting on what God has done this year, worshiping with our RealLife band, hearing wisdom from a handful of seniors in our movement, and growing in friendship and relationships with God in the process. It's a great way to celebrate what God has done as the school year comes to a close.

  • Fall Retreat

    Each October we take a step back from the business of campus life to grow in relationship with God, learn, worship, and connect with new friends. Be on the lookout for details about our virtual Fall Getaway on October 2-3, 2020!


    Head to our Fall Retreat page for more info!

  • Aruna Virtual 5K

    Fall 2020 - Labor Day Weekend 9/4 - 9/7

    The Aruna Project brings and sustains freedom through employment marked by holistic care to sexually exploited women in India. Run and raise money for a specific enslaved woman by name to help bring and sustain her freedom.


    Each year we host an Aruna Run that is open to the public to raise money for the Aruna Project. This year we will be partnering with Aruna in their Virtual Run initiative. To find out more watch the video below or visit virtual.arunaproject.com

  • Men's and Women's Overnights

    In the winter we get together as guys/girls only to connect, grow, and have fun.

    Women's Overnight

    Women's overnight is a time when women all over campus come together to seek the Lord and reflect and share with each other. Through activities, breakout sessions, and bonding time with each other, come with us to grow in our identity in Christ and become closer to other women in Cru!

    Men's Overnight

    Men's overnight is a time for men all over campus to grow closer to one another and to God through games, activities, reflections, breakout sessions, and through time spent in community. Come with us for a night of fun and growth!

  • Freshmen Overnight

    Every January we have a Freshmen only overnight!

    Meet new Friends and Learn about Cru!

    Freshmen overnight is an event where freshmen from Ohio State and Columbus State come together for 18 hours to have fun, get to know each other, learn about Cru, and hear some wisdom from upperclassmen.

  • Cru Formal

    At the end of each school year we get dressed up and have a good time dancing as a way of celebrating what God has done in our midst over the course of the year.

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