• The RealLife Band

    The RealLife band is comprised of students involved with Cru at Ohio State and Columbus State who are not only talented, but also passionate about loving God, serving the movement, and leading others in worship.

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    The RealLife Band leads our movement in worship at RealLife meetings on Thursday nights AND at our annual retreats: Fall Getaway and Spring Retreat.


    We are are always looking to add new band members. If you are interested in auditioning, please scroll down to get the process started!

  • Would you like to join the RealLife Band?

    You can audition by following these four steps.


    Get Familiar

    Thank you for your interest in auditioning for the RealLife band! First, please read this "Things to know prior to auditioning" document. Then take a look at this document to find the audition songs for your particular instrument.



    For your audition, listen to the songs for your instrument with headphones, and play along as you record. Please learn the parts from the recording and play them as closely as possible. If you want to add some of your own style to your video, feel free.


    Before Submitting

    Your completed video should only contain audio from your instrument. If you have any other previously recorded videos of your playing that you feel are a good representation of your playing abilities, feel free to submit them in addition to the required songs.



    Fill out this form to submit your audition file, and we will get in contact with you soon. If you have trouble recording or submitting your videos (I don’t have my instrument with me at school, the file is too big, etc.) please let us know and we’ll figure something out. Thank you again for your interest!