• Join us for our Fall Getaway October 22-23.

    Fall Getaway is the highlight of fall semester for Cru at Ohio State and Central State. Together we head away from campus for a weekend of community, worship, learning, reflection, and fun. Whether you've been connected to Cru all year, or you've just started to come around, Fall Getaway is a great way to dive further in. Scroll down for more details or click below to register now!

  • What to Expect

    Here's just a few of the things you can expect to experience at Fall Getaway,

    Three Main Sessions with Talks and Worship

    On Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday night, we will have main sessions with worship led by the RealLife Band, talks from our speaker, Dan Hawk, stories of how God is at work in our lives, and small group (no worries, we will assign these when you arrive!) times where we will discuss what we are learning.

    Time for Fun in Community

    One of the most important parts of Fall Getaway is having time to connect with others from our Cru movement and build community. Whether you are getting to know your small group more, reconnecting with old friends, or making brand new friends, Fall Getaway will have time for you to connect in community. We will have formal chances to connect in small groups through discussion times during main sessions and through our first ever Fall Getaway Amazing Race. We will have semi-formal chances to connect through things like our optional capture-the-flag tournament and OSU-Indiana football watch party. And we will have informal chances to connect by playing games in the gym, board games in the game room, sipping on coffee from the coffee tent, boating on the lake and much more!

    Time to Reflect and Connect with God

    While we want Fall Getaway to be a fun and community filled weekend, we also want to provide a chance for you to slow down a bit and spend time reflecting with God. On Saturday morning we will give you tools and space for a "quiet time" where you can read the bible and talk with God for a few minutes about your semester and what you are learning at Getaway. We would also LOVE for our community to spend time throughout the weekend casually sharing about what we are learning and growing in.

  • The Details

    Everything you need to know about Fall Getaway.

    Where, When, and How Much?

    • This year we will be returning to Round Lake Christian Camp for our Fall Getaway! It's located about an hour north of Columbus. If you're detail oriented, the address is 14 OH-3, Lakeville, OH 44638. Your small group leader can help to coordinate rides. If aren't in a small group and are in need of a ride, email osuretreats@gmail.com
    • Getaway is October 22-23. Plan to arrive at the camp by 6:30pm Friday (dinner will be provided at Round Lake Friday night, so no need to stop for it on the way!) and we will head out around 9pm Saturday.
    • The cost is $75 which includes 4 meals (dinner, breakfast, lunch, dinner), snacks throughout the weekend, coffee,  a place to sleep, and a Fall Getaway t-shirt (that you can tie-dye at Getaway if you'd like)!

    Who is Speaking?

    • This year at Fall Getaway, we will be hearing from Dr. Dan Hawk. He is a professor of Old Testament and Hebrew from right up the road at Ashland Theological Seminary.
    • Dr. Hawk is a long time friend of our Cru movement who has spoken to our students and staff on numerous occasions. He is encouraging, passionate, engaging, and he makes profound truth about God and his word understandable to anyone. We can't wait to spend the weekend with Dr. Hawk!

    What should I bring?

    • A Bible, journal, and pen.
    • A pillow and sleeping bag (or sheet and blanket).
    • A mask (masks will be required in indoor spaces during Getaway- except when sleeping or eating.)
    • Toiletries
    • A towel and shower stuff  (If you plan to shower)
    • Athletic clothes (we will have an optional capture-the-flag tournament as well as sports going in the gym).
    • Warm clothes- A lot of Fall Getaway takes place outside. Be sure to pack accordingly!
  • Now that you've had a look at the details...

    Click below to register! We can't wait to see you at Getaway!

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