• Still Going: Digital Outreach

    Life is a little different now. We are spending more time than ever connecting with people in the digital world and with the few people we are able to engage with responsibly. But some things will never change. We are still Christ’s ambassadors (2 Cor 5:17-21)! We are still called to “go” (Mark 16:15). If you are wondering how to represent Him well through this season and beyond, you are not alone! Take a look at the ideas below, share your own, and consider joining us for our Summer Outreach Week - Seated & Sent.

  • Four Simple Steps

    Here are things we can do now, during the fall, and beyond

    1 - Pray

    Pause, Pray, Prepare

    • Ask God to open doors and to send laborers for the sake of people knowing Him (Matthew 9:35-38).
    • Ask God to give you boldness in this time (Colossians 4:2-4)
    • Pray for our country, our world, and for those that are vulnerable in this time - medically, economically, mentally, and spiritually. 
    • Pray for God's peace, mercy, and love for Ohio State, Columbus, and beyond. 
    • Download "Sent" digital flier based off of Heather's material to help as a reminder and guide. -Flier 1 and Flier 2 

    2 - Share

    Share the Gospel

    • Here are three simple ways to share the good news of teh Gospel with those around you. Even better, they are all digital resources. 
    • 1) GodTools App - download the app and take a step of faith
    • 2) Perspectives Cards App - download the app and invite someone into a conversation about their spiritual views
    • 3) Falling Plates Video - read the simple outreach instructions, send someone the video, and ask questions 


    3 - Engage

    Encourage peers into further conversation

    Use the Walk Podcast developed by the Thompson Institute, a program of Cru at Ohio State. Send an episode to a friend, ask them to listen, and then ask their thoughts. Most episodes feature Ohio State professors and there is a good chance that those you engage with will have had one of the professors. Such a great way to start a conversation!

    4 - Care

    Invite others into your life

    Continue to pray for friends, family, and those in your sphere of influence. Even take a step to ask, here is a great question from Heather Holleman, "I'm in a fresh season of prayer. Do you have any prayer requests I might commit to pray for?

    Also take time to ask questions, here are some great questions to get to know someone!

    Want more? - Links to more resources

    Social Media & Cru Digital Ministry ToolKit

    Use your Social Media presence for the greatest of goods. Check out these ideas or come up with your own plan to initiate the conversation on socials. Resources below:

    1. Before & After Campaign
    2. Ready-to-Use Content

    For even more thoughts on sharing your faith and discipleship in this season of life. Campus Digital ToolKit


    There’s an app for that! Digital Ministry Apps: Download Here

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