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    Cru at The Ohio State University

  • Small Groups

    Our small groups meet on weeknights all over campus.

    A Place to Belong

    Are you looking for a group of caring friends in your residence hall or major? Are you looking for a community to study the Bible with? Are you just looking to try something new?


    Our small groups are one of the most important parts of Cru at Ohio State and Columbus State. They are a place where all are welcome, regardless of faith background or lack thereof. Click the link below to find a small group on your part of campus!

  • RealLife at the Newport

    Come join us at 7pm every Sunday at the Newport Music Hall.

    RealLife is a place where students bring students to worship God through music, hear a talk from the Bible, share stories of how God is at work, and connect with new and old friends. We'll be together at the Newport every Sunday night this semester. Come check us out!

  • We'd Love to Help You Get Involved

    Click on the button below to ask questions and/or get more information about being involved with Cru!

  • Summer Missions with Cru

    You can spend part or all of your summer growing in your faith alongside other students.

    What's this all about?

    Summer Missions give you the opportunity to spend anywhere from a week to 10 weeks of your summer growing in your faith. You'll have a chance to meet people from across the country and around the world. You will get to study the Bible with others, share your faith, and build friendships that can last for the rest of your life. It's a grand adventure that you won't ever forget!

    Where can I go?

    You can go just about anywhere. Many Buckeyes are headed to Slovenia, Brazil, Chicago, and Ocean City, New Jersey, but you can also go to Colorado, East Asia, Ecuador, Africa and tons of other places. Head to Cru's Summer Missions page to check out other locations and to learn more!

  • RealLife Band Auditions

    Audition for the 2018-2019 RealLife Worship Band!

    We are looking for individuals with a passion for music and for leading others in worship to audition for the Spring.

    For more information you can head to the RealLife Band page.

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