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The Veritas Forum

By Cru Staff

· RealLife
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Veritas is Latin for truth. Historically, the pursuit of truth is central to the reason that universities exist. The Veritas Forum seeks to create a venue where we as an OSU campus community can explore big questions in life. This Thursday night we'll be exploring the question: "what do you believe in?" Dr. Cullen Buie, an MIT engineering professor, will discuss how he makes sense of being an elite academic and a follower of Christ. Students and faculty from any religious or non-religious background are welcome to come and bring their questions, as the evening will close with what is sure to be a challenging Q&A that you won't want to miss.

Come join around 1,000 students and faculty this Thursday night at 8pm at Mershon Auditorium. For more info, visit The Veritas Forum's website.