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The Process Matters

By Laura Bordjadze

· Christian Living,Discouragement,Hope,Eternity,Prayer
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As none of us are exempt from brokenness, we all have the opportunity to embark on our own journey of healing. The good news is that Jesus assures His followers that the destination is inevitable. By His resurrection, He has secured a place for us of perfect and final healing.

The bad news is it's not complete in this lifetime. More good news though is that we get glimpses and tastes now. We can move toward healing now. Today I’ve been thinking about a little detail that I am quick to not take seriously…the process matters.


What do I mean by that? Well, a few things. How I live, the choices I make…matter. Acts and thoughts in faith, hope, and love are eternal. They last forever.

Amazingly, God is somehow doing His shaping, life giving work in me along the way. His work is not controllable. It is mysterious, probably invisible to me most of the time, but also eternal. He is about shaping my soul.


Sometimes my response to that is, “So what? How does that make a difference now when I’m feeling awful, crazy, sad, and this circumstance suuuuuuuucks.”

So, as an act of faith, and with a tiny bit of anticipation, I’m affirming with a not as grumpy of a heart, that the process matters. That what He is doing in me is significant. And I actually do care about that. I do care that it is a part of His redemptive, kingdom work.

The things I do today have the potential to send small little kingdom tremors around this world now. Tremors that will last forever. By faith, I’m affirming that's true even if I don’t see it by the end of the day today.


God, give me the capacity to have faith that you really are doing things in the process of my journey with you, and that the process matters. Would you enable me to squint my eyes through my seeable world and see at the same time just a vague picture of what you are painting? And I guess I should add that even when I don’t see that picture and things are dark, that I would not sit and sulk, but keep chugging along anyway.