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What do you Love?

by Aaron Badenhop

· Loving Others,Purpose
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In the quiet moments, when no one is around and you’re alone with your thoughts, are there questions that nag you? Many of us aren’t willing to go there so we turn away, going from one source of distraction to the next. Can you hear the questions?...

“Am I so sure that I’m really that different from “those people” that disgust me? Am I the person I think that I am? Am I becoming the person I am meant to be?”

Wisdom of old says this: You are what you love. You can see what you love by discerning what you really want. So then, who you are is wrapped up in what you want. It’s not just what you know. It’s not what you believe. It’s not just what you do. You are what you love. But what if...

you might not love what you think?

James KA Smith is a philosopher (Calvin College) that speaks on campuses across the nation about questions like these.