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The Veritas Forum

By Cru Staff

· RealLife,Doubts,Evidence,Nature of God
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Thursday February 19th

8:00 PM



Archie Griffin Ball Room Ohio Union


What's happening?

Are miracles possible? Is there a God behind the laws of the universe with the ability to take action in the world in ways that transcends these laws? Over the last several centuries millions of people have rejected the God of the Bible and religion in general because they’ve concluded that the answer to the above questions is: “no”. After all, purported miracles such as the resurrection of Jesus Christ are central to believer’s faith. The influence of the Enlightenment is so pervasive that many self-described religious people now consider belief in miracles a blind faith, void of any rationale.


Yet, an elite professor such as Dr. Ian Hutchinson of MIT has concluded that though science is a grande endeavor, it has its limitations. For Dr. Hutchinson, it is not contradictory to be an expert scientist and a believer in the possibility of miracles, a God at work in the world. An OSU philosopher and ethicist, Dr. Don Hubin, disagrees. Dr. Hubin does not find it reasonable to believe in a deity that performs miracles.


This is going to be an interesting conversation. Come and join several hundred students and faculty at the Veritas Forum this Thursday night (Feb. 19th) at 8pm at the Archie Griffin Ballroom in the Ohio Union. The event is free and all from the university community are welcome.