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RealLife Music Feature: Nothing Is Wasted

By Cru Staff

· RealLife
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We like to share with you the stories, writings, and art of the men and women who are a part of RealLife. This is a song performed by Matt Rickly, Crista Anderson, and Jeremy Noland, students who have been a part of the RealLife Band.


Matt, Crista, and Jeremy are talented students who have helped our RealLife Band lead our movement in worshiping Christ at our weekly meeting. The song they are performing is "Nothing Is Wasted", written by Jason Gray.

Matt Rickly is a junior electrical engineer and has been leading the RealLife band for the last two years. Crista Anderson is a sophomore in nursing who played keys with the RealLife band last year. Jeremy Noland is a junior biblical studies major at Liberty University and is in his second year playing guitar and providing vocals for the band.