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RealLife Art Feature: "Keys" Music by Erin Rea

By Erin Rea

· Identity
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We like to share with you the stories, writings, and art of the men and women who are a part of Real Life. This is an original song written and performed by Erin Rea, a RealLife student who recently graduated from the Music School.

The song “Keys” came to life when I was in high school. I was talking with my youth pastor and asking him why it seemed that so many young women (including myself) were super involved in “good things”, but still making choices that went against what we knew to be true.

He talked about how we so often acknowledge our sin and insecurity, but refuse to completely let it go because we are afraid of how that might change the life that we are accustomed to. Sometimes, it is perhaps more scary to actually take steps of faith than to hold onto words/thoughts/memories/actions that we know are destroying us. The place we’re in feels comfortable, because it’s the only thing we know.

The character in this song is one that I can very much relate to. She wants to leave behind lies that she believes, but still holds onto keys that allow her to return to them when it feels more comfortable. She eventually comes to a point where she can’t be lukewarm anymore, and she chooses to leave these things behind for good. It is then that she realizes what it means to be free- to take risks, serve, and LOVE in the affirmation and ultimate love of her Savior.

I created this homemade video as an abstract way of sharing what this means to me!