• What are Pods?

    Back by popular demand! Pods are a space for you to connect with other students and grow in your relationship with God while watching RealLife at Home on Thursday nights. Your pod will meet together at a designated location (or online) at 7:45 to spend some time together before RealLife begins. After watching RealLife at Home you will have a chance to talk about the meeting and/or hang out together. It's an opportunity to connect with new people or to spend time with people you may already know. We'd love to have you join us!

  • Pods will return in January for Spring semester!

  • Frequently Asked Questions*:

    • Will COVID precautions be taken? Yes! All in person pods will continue to abide by the most up to date university and local guidelines. Pods will be 10 people or less, masked, and socially distanced.
    • Will I be in the same Pod every week? Not necessarily. You will need to come back to this page and click on the sign up link each week. Our hope is that you will sign up for a different Pod each week so that you can meet new people! 
    • Are there virtual options? You bet! If you want to be in a Pod but don't feel comfortable or can't join an in person one, you can sign up for a virtual pod at the same link as the other pods.
    • Do I have to be in a Pod to watch RealLife at Home? Nope. If you'd prefer, you can continue to watch RealLife at Home on YouTube live each week. We do, however, think that Pods will be a great way to engage even more with RealLife. If you are on the fence, why not give it a shot?
    • ​Can I bring a friend or someone new to my Pod? Yes, but we would like for them to sign up at the above link as well. That way we can make sure that all the groups are abiding by the COVID guideline of 10 people or less .

    *If you have additional questions or are interested in being a Pod leader, please email sarah.fay.gavin@cru.org

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