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  • Safe Retreat

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    Final Standings

    1. Falling Leaves- 53 points

    2. Hay Bales- 46 points

    3. Ghosts- 45 points

    4. Vampires- 40 points

    4. Candy Corns- 40 points

    6. Apple Pies- 39 points

    7. Sunflowers- 38 points

    8. Scarecrows- 36 points

    9. Spider Webs- 31 points

    10. Cinnamon Rolls- 28 points

    10. Pumpkins - 28 points

    10. Apple Trees- 28 points

    13. Gourds- 25 points

    14. S'Mores- 17 points

    15. Pumpkin Spice Lattes- 12 points

    16. Bonfires- 10 points

    17. Corn Stalks- 7 points

    18. Caramel Apples- 5 points

    19. Footballers- 0 points

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  • Pods

    Check out your Pod discussion questions here:

    7pm Friday

    • Introduce yourself (name, year, major, hometown).
    • Why did you choose to go to OSU/Central State/Columbus State?
    • What are you hoping to get out of this retreat?
    • What’s been the highlight of your semester so far?
    • POD CHALLENGE: For tonight’s pod challenge, draw your pod’s mascot (the autumn themed object that your group is named after), take a picture of your drawing, and send it to (614)600-2278. Be sure to include the name of your group on your drawing or in your text!Rankings will be determined based on creativity, artistic talent, and the overall opinion of Fall Retreat hosts Raechel and Kerri.

    8:30pm Friday

    • What stuck out to you from tonight’s talk? Why?
    • What were you most challenged by?
    • When you hear the word Gospel, what does it mean to you?
    • When Jesus announced his ministry in Luke 4, what was his aim?
    • What similarities or contrasts do you notice when you compare your answers to the last two questions?
    • Reviewing Luke 4 once again, what are Jesus’ desired outcomes?
    • After you wrap up  tonight, feel free to keep hanging out together!

    10am Saturday

    • If time and money didn’t matter, what would be your ideal Saturday morning breakfast?
    • What’s something this semester that has been difficult or challenging for you? Why?
    • What’s something from Jimmy’s talk last night that you are still thinking about?
    • POD CHALLENGE: Find the answers to the following questions and await further instructions during this morning’s meeting:
      1. When you discover something you’ve been missing. (4 letters)   ___  ___ ___ __
      2. God created us to need this, and a good Sunday afternoon nap can provide it. (4 letters) ___  ___ ___ ___
      3. Put this on your door to be festive for any season. (6 letters)    ___  ___ ___ ___ ___  ___
      4. The recipe for a great fall night: Crisp air, and sitting around this with friends. (4 letters)  ___  ___ ___ ___
      5. It’s not the short ones that you need to worry about. This kind of tree probably drops the most leaves. (4 letters) ___  ___ ___ ___

    5:30pm Saturday

    • Take some time to hang out and eat dinner together. While you do, get started on tonight’s Pod Challenge.
    • POD CHALLENGE: Pick a song that describes your group the best and write a one paragraph rationale. E-mail cruosu@gmail.com with the name of your group, a Spotify link to your song, and your rationale by 6:45pm. Remember, the winning Pod of the pod challenge gets a $10 Chipotle gift card for each person!
    • How was this afternoon for you? Would you say rest with God comes easily for you? Why or why not?
    • Did you experience God in any significant ways this afternoon? What did you learn, process, realize, or experience?
    • What was challenging or encouraging to you during Jimmy’s talk this morning?
    • Thinking back to Jimmy’s talk, have you ever stopped ponder about who you will be versus what you will do?
    • Let’s  reflect  on Psalm 139  a bit (you can read it if you’d like): Since God formed you in your mother’s womb, what have you discovered about yourself?
    • What do you think is God’s plan/purpose for your life?

    8:15pm Saturday

    • What is a disciple? What type of affiliation or relationship does the disciple have with the teacher?
    • Who is a disciple? How does this idea make you feel?
    • What is the mission of the disciple?
    • What’s something that you learned or realized this weekend that you are hoping to carry with you into the rest of this semester?
    • What’s something from this weekend that you haven’t thought much about yet,  but you want to go deeper into?
    • What’s been the highlight of this weekend for you?
    • Pray together to wrap up the retreat. Feel free to continue hanging out with one another tonight.
  • Seminars

    Click the blue, underlined date and time to join the Zoom call.

    The Conundrum of Decision-Making

    with Bacho Bordjadze

    Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. They come in all sizes and shapes. Some big and urgent. Some small and mundane. Yet we have to face them all. From deciding what career to choose to what to do this weekend- decisions are a part of our daily conundrum. Parker Palmer's words are helpful here, “Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.” What if the answer to the question of "what should I do next summer" were irrevocably linked with who I am hardwired to be? Join us as we explore what this conundrum at the intersection of being and doing looks like in our daily life.

    Friendships- Loving Well

    with Lilly Haddad and Mikayla Roman

    We’re living in a time where we exist between virtual and physical relationships. This can be overwhelming and exhausting, and we often feel lonely and isolated as a result. Join us as we talk about what the Bible says about community, relationships, and how to love one another well. And how we can live into fullness of relationship both with one another and with God.

    Life after College

    with Blake and Liesl Renaud

    Join us for a time to hear from two former Buckeyes, Blake and Liesl, who now work in the business world as they discuss community, work, and how to wisely choose careers. A quote from them, "The key to community post-college is getting involved with a church, including while still in school. And working with excellence and pursuing Jesus are not mutually exclusive; one of the best ways to live out your faith at work is to simply strive to do good work."

    Blake graduated from Ohio State in 2014 with a dual degree in Economics and Middle Eastern Studies and now works for OCC as a Cyber Risk Senior Analyst. Liesl also graduated in 2014 with a degree in Operations Management works for JLL as a Senior Project Manager. They live in Chicago, IL.

    Question and Answer Time

    with Jimmy McGee

    After spending two main sessions hearing Jimmy share about the Kingdom of God, you may have some questions you’d like to ask him. If you have questions for Jimmy based on his talks or on something else, or if you just like him and want to be around him, this is your chance! Join us for this 45 minute Q&A time for a unique opportunity to interact with and learn from our Fall Retreat speaker Jimmy McGee!

    A Practice for Spiritual Formation

    with Elisabeth Badenhop

    Our time together will be slow, reflective, and unhurried. I'll share with you a spiritual practice that has shifted the way I think about prayer, and then give you time and space to engage in the practice yourself.

    Why Pray?

    with Grant Lemmons

    Do you ever wonder if your prayers matter and have an impact? Come hear about a few common prayer misconceptions, some great Scripture truths about prayer, and practical tips to grow in your prayer life!

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